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Summertime, Berry Time

The weather here has been almost unbearably hot--especially since it's only June.  But apparently it's perfect weather for raspberries to ripen on the roadside.  I spotted them the other day on my way out to the gym, and when I came home they were still there, so I pulled over and started picking.

The tricky part was gaining access. First there was the drainage ditch to cross, then there was all the overgrowth, including poison ivy.  The bank was really steep so perhaps I could have used a harness and some rope attached to a tree.  The best berries seemed to be either just beyond my reach, or very low to the ground, down in snake territory.  Isn't that always the way?  You have to stick your neck out a bit for the best things in life.

I really wanted the good ones, but I didn't want to get snake-bit either.  I kept looking for snakes but I didn't really want to see one so I'm not sure how hard I was looking.  Mostly I prayed as I extracted the delicate, perfectly red little berries and put them in my bowl, really glad to be wearing long pants and closed shoes.  When ripe, raspberries just fall right into your hand like soft little red caps.  It's easy to crush them if you start pulling on them.

At first there seemed to be sooo many raspberries in my bowl.  Now after two days of steady munching on my part, they are almost gone.  I'm going back later today for more, assuming the foxes and the deer don't get to them first.  When I get home I will mix them with the fresh blueberries I got at Saturday's farmer's market and top them with heavy cream.  Maybe that will be dinner. Ah, summer!

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  1. I just had that for lunch! Blueberries and blackberries topped with heavy cream. Heaven.